McDonald’s progress

The Development of McDonald’s through SCAMPER.

Task : Use the Internet to research the history of the fast food chain McDonald’s and explain which parts of the SCAMPER model are evident in its development onto its current success.


        What is The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. model?


  • Substitute –
    Change something in the working concept with something new
  • Combine –
    Combine different solutions and concept to get u closer to a final result
  • Adapt –
    Make your new creation/solution work in new places/situations
  • Modify / Magnify –
    Modify your creation, this may include :
    – Size
    – Dimension
    – Texture
    – Color
    – Position
  • Purpose –
    What is your new product meant for? How can it be used?
  • Rearrange / Reverse –
    Give your new product/creation/solution a whole new meaning, turn it upside down, rearrange it.


The McDonald’s brothers started a small fast-food stand in 1940, but didn’t achieve real success until eight years later, they shut down the restaurant for three months to rework and redesign.
They turned a small fast-food stand into a big mechanized assembly line.
Each and every step of making the food was stripped down to the essence and made by minimal effort!

The McDonald’s dream started with the meeting of Ray Kroc, that was traveling the country selling milkshake machines. He saw the potential in the fast-food restaurant and wanted to grow bigger by developing, modifying and perfecting the art of the trade.


McDonald’s perfected their restaurants, and their oncoming world-wide chain, over the years they changed and adapted everything from food, design to employees.

Substitute –
They started the chain as a small fast-food stand and saw that idea not working, changed it into a world-wide concept.
They removed waitresses and made the restaurants into drive-thru in 1975 and they also changed the original potato chips into french fries, which made the making of the food faster, easier and more cost efficient.

Combine –
They combined the ‘ordinary’ restaurants with drive-thru to meet all the customers requirements. And combining their food and brand into sports, TV and real estate.
In 1967 they introduced Ronald McDonald, their famous Mascot and red clown, that is still today a symbol, and world wide known.

Adapt –
In 1975 when their restaurant in Sierra Vista could not serve soldiers due to their strict regulations about wearing army fatigues in public, they introduced the Drive-Thru, which later would become a global success! Also adapting the menus, introducing chicken and fish.
They also introduced their own Hamburger University for their employees to get better, faster and more detail-orientated towards getting a better and faster product!

Modify –
They modified the whole brand in 1969 when they changed the design on the stores and the logo into the newer more famous yellow M.They also went worldwide to put up with the population in America!
In 2008 on avarage every person on the planet visited a McDonald’s three times, beyond any earlier numbers!
Continuously over the years they are changing menus, design and adding new ‘hot’ topics to draw new customers.

Purpose –
They changed the fast-food restaurant into a something everybody could relate to. They invested into real estate, and made the restaurants into a breakfast, brunch, dinner and special occasion place.

Rearrange / Reverse –
They went from being an ordinary fast-food diner, to a world-wide, world known, brand which is invested into everything from food til land, from hambuger til soil.


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